About us

Vecchie Costruzioni

The company Vecchie Costruzioni has been founded by the businessman Nicola Bernasconi.

Vecchie Costruzioni offers restoration services for constructions, guaranteeing the utilisaton of specialists even in the field of electric connections and plumbing. The company is also in the field of restoration of antique homes and castles. A line of work very especially requested in the Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria, where the company has its headquarters.

We have years of work at our backs with antique structues and since those are the ones that present the largest amount of complications when compared to new constructions, we are able to offer high quality services from coating works to readjustments, rebuildig with the use of antique construction materials recovered and also with new reproductions of the highest quality.

The care for detail and for the quality of the materials, this is Vecchie Costruzioni. We are also selling recovered antique materials, offering to its clients a huge portfolio of options.